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The theme song of the new movie「Rainoinori」which is featured by Anju Suzuki and Takashi Ukaji, showing early this summer is going to be sang by WEAVER!!

The theme song of the new movie「Rainoinori」which is featured by Anju Suzuki and Takashi Ukaji, showing early this summer is going to be sang by WEAVER!!


There are 7 witches in this school.
The main character Ryū Yamada who is known as a delinquent in his private
high school. Had one day encountered an incident which changed his school
life! As he met new friends and the witches, his busy and fun daily life
had started. He will not be bored before he finds out the 7 witches!

<Sound Casts>
Ryū Yamada: Ryōta Ōsaka
Urara Shiraishi: Saori Hayami
Toranosuke Miyamura: Toshiki Masuda
Miyabi Itō: Maaya Uchida
Kentarō Tsubaki : Toshiharu Sasaki
Nene Odagiri:Eri Kitamura
Ushio Igarashi:Daisuke Ono
Haruma Yamazaki: Jun Fukuyama
Mikoto Asuka: Kana Hanazawa
Meiko Ōtsuka: Yui Makino
Maria Sarushima :Takaoyuki
Noa Takigawa: Aoi Yūki
Rika Saionji : Masumi Tazawa
Shinichi Tamaki : Shinnosuke Tachibana
Hideaki Tsurukawa:Tomokazu Sugita
Mituru Kameda:Yuki Ono

TOKYO MX From 04.12(Sun)Every Sunday night 23:30~

Yomiuri Telecasting From 04.13(Mon)Every Monday midnight 01:59~

TV Aichi From 04.12(Sun) Every Sunday midnight 00:35~

TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting From 04.13(Mon)Every Monday midnight 03:00~

Television Hokkaido From 04.12(Sun) Every Sunday midnight 01:35~

Nishinippon Broadcasting From 04.12(Sun)Every Sunday midnight 01:55~

BS11 From 04.13(Mon)Every Monday midnight 03:30~

*The broadcasting dates may be shifted when necessary.


The theme song of the new movie「Rainoinori」which is featured by Anju Suzuki and Takashi Ukaji, showing early this summer is going to be sang by WEAVER!!

The movie 「Rainoinori」which is going to be shown early this summer is going
to have its theme song sang by WEAVER.

WEAVER wrote the new song「Beloved」for the movie.

The released date of the song is not confirmed yet.


【Original Author】Akio Morisawa(Published by Shogakukan)

【Director】Hiroyuki Kurokawa

【Script】Toshio Terada

【Featuring】Anju Suzuki, Takashi Ukaji, Rina Takeda, Taisaku Akino, Yumiko
Fujita, Takayuki Takuma, Takehiro Murata, Ken Nakamoto.



【Showing】2015 early summer.

【Official HP】http://raianoinori.com/

【Official Twitter】https://twitter.com/raianoinori/

【Official Facebook】https://www.facebook.com/raianoinori



Momoko is a loving caring mid-age woman. Although deep down there is a horn
that could not be pulled out. In fact she was unfortunately divorced, her
heart was broken and she could not find courage to move forward in her
life. Then she met this guy- Kumagoro who is passionate about digging the
archaeological Jomon Period. By that chance she was imagining back in the
ancient days, the lives that were living in the same location, she tried to
feel the ties through the timeline. At the end, in what way would Momoko
find her happiness?


WEAVER Desk Calendar is available at 「Ready Set Go!!」!

The 5th anniversary since their debut, WEAVER’s first calendar will be sold at 「Ready Set Go!! 」 at the end of the year!

The school calendar which starts from April will include the strictly chosen photo shots taken from the live tour “ID”TOUR 2014「Leading Ship」.
Available on Asmart from 31st!

The product will also be available at live venue「『Ready Set Go!!』 Count Down Live2014 ⇒ 2015 supported by A-Sketch」on the Dec 31st (Wed)!
※Please understand the product is limited so it might be out of stock at the venue.
※Please check the onsale information at the event website.
※It will be sold outside the live concert venue, customers without ticket can purchase too.


2015.03.04 WEAVER “ID” TOUR 2014「Leading Ship」at Shibuya Kokaido LIVE DVD to be released!

After the half an year studying in London since 2014 Jan, they released their best album “ID” and followed by it they had started「WEAVER“ID”TOUR 2014『Leading Ship』」at 9 locations. The live tour finale which took place at Shibuya Kokaido was recorded in videos! The DVD includes 3 new unreleased songs which is 120 mins in total!!
What’s more, the secret talk which would only be said at that moment was also recorded, please look forward to the stage documentary!

《Asmart Limited Edition》
The live video of「WEAVER Special Live 2013〜Kawabe Toru, A quarter of a century Birthday Ceremony〜 at NHK Hall」was recorded in DISC2 which will be sold at Asmart Limited Edition! As the Asmart Limited Edition the possible jacket will be changeable!!

Asmart Limited Edition will be sold at Amuse Online Shop “Asmart” Limited Products.
For reservation please visit http://www.asmart.jp/weaver

General Edition(DVD)¥3,500(tax ex)/ AZBS-1027 
Asmart Limited Edition(2DVD) ¥5,000(tax ex)/ AZBS-1028

「WEAVER “ID” TOUR 2014「Leading Ship」at Shibuya Kokaido」
01.Title undecided New song1
02. 66banmenokishaninotte
03.Hard to say I love you ~言い出せなくて~
04.Tinker Bell
05.Shall we dance
07. Whistling in the dark(Acoustic ver.)
09.Kocchi wo muiteyo
10. Title undecided new song 2
12.Free will
16. Bokurano eien ~nando umarekawattemo, te wo tsunagitaidakeno ai dakara~
17. Title undecided new song 3

Product Code:AZBS-1028
Onsale date:2015.03.04
Produced by:A-Sketch
Sold by: Amuse Soft


2014.12.1 Act Against AIDS 2014 「THE VARIETY 22」

2014.12.1 Act Against AIDS 2014 「THE VARIETY 22」

【Date】 2014.12.1(Mon) 17:30 Open/18:30 Start

【Venue】 Nippon Budokan

【Performing】Goro Kishitani, Yasufumi Terawaki, WEAVER、Kaori Kishitani,
Sunplaza Nakanokun, Pappara Kawai, Skoop On

Somebody、FLOW×GRANRODEO, Pornograffitti, Rihwa and others

For more informations on the event, please visit the official site→


WEAVER to be performing as Japan representative in Singapore music festival!

The music festival which will be held in November 22nd in Singapore -
「Sundown Festival 2014」will present WEAVER as representative in Japan.
「Sundown Festival」is the entertainment showcase held in Singapore every
year which presents Asia culture and entertainment.

The countries that join the festival is getting more and more every year,
2014 is the 4th time of this festival, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong,
Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, India and Singapore…11
countries will be in this festival, and will have their own representative

「Sundown Festival 2014」

Date:Nov 22nd(Sat)16:00~

Venue:Marina Promenade(singapore)



WEAVER’s featuring in one the songs in Misato Watanabe’s debut 30th anniversary memorial single, “Yumette donnairoshiteruno” !

WEAVER’s featuring in one the songs in Misato Watanabe’s debut 30th anniversary memorial single, “Yumette ironnairoshiteruno” !
▼Infos of Misato Watanabe’s new single “Yumette donnairoshiteruno”
On sale: 2014.10.29 (Wed)
Production: EPIC Record Japan
Price: First press limited edition CD+DVD \1,389(tax out)
General Edition CD Only \926(tax out)


Nico Nico Live Broadcast Volume 2 is going to to have a 『Nico Live Special「WEAVER The Best 10」!』

Nico Nico Live Broadcast Volume 2 is going to to have a 『Nico Live
Special「WEAVER The Best 10」!』just right after they released their best
album on the June 14th (Sat).

Although the members will not be performing in the show, it will show a
corner of the best song TOP 10 of WEAVER from the audiences. The precious
live video that has been taken within these 5 years and lots of projects.
The vote for the best songs are on Twitter.

<WEAVER Nico Nico Live Broadcasting Show Summary>

Title: WEAVER Best Album「ID」release memorial!Nico Live Special「WEAVER The Best 10」!
※There will not be members on live.


The album 「ID」will be released on the June 11th! Also, the world tour is starting in Autumn!

WEAVER who is in London studying now, has decided to release their best album “ID” on the June 11th!

The album will include WEAVER’s representative song and the unreleased song “Hope~Hateshinaitabijie~” etc 16 songs.

The first edition will include all the music videos so far in the DVD, the special gift thats named after the title “ID Tag”!
Also, this Autumn, they will start the nation wide tour that has been ioff for one and half years.
The news about the release of their new album is also announced in their official blog, check it out!


Best Album「ID」
【On Sale】2014.6.11
First Edition ¥3,400(tax out) CD+DVD+First Edition Special「ID Tag」
Regular Edition ¥2,600(tax out) CD


The gorgeous Amuse artists is going to gather in the Summer festival, this year WEAVER is going to perform too!

Last year, to celebrate Amuse 35th Anniversary, starting with Porno
Graffitti, the Amuse artists met together to made the ultra-lavish outdoor
music festival happened!!

The grand climax event「BBQ in Tsumakoi」which was held in 2013 July 13th and
14th for 2 days, the artists were all saying「Let’s do this again next
year!」at the closing party, therefore, this year, the one day only summer
festival「Amuse Fes 2014 BBQ in Tsumakoi ~Bokurano beat wo kuraekora!~」is
going to happen!

<WEAVER Comment>

We are so glad that we can again enjoy music with everyone and the artists
from our agency.

It is going to be the first outdoor festival after we get back from London.
Do you want to see the moment we release our upgraded skills from the rock
holy land London?

Our heart is already Tsumakoi!

Let’s make our best summer memory with Amuse artists!

※「BBQ in Tsumakoi ~Bokurano beat wo kuraekora!~」is…

Mainly Porno Graffitti, the BBQ event by the beach which gathers many
artists, base on the concept of “Getting climax with fans!” . An outdoor
music event that was created last year. The title BBQ not only stands for
barbeque, but also Haruichi Shindo from Porno Graffitti suggested 「(B)as

「Amuse Fes 2014 BBQ in Tsumakoi ~Bokurano beat wo kuraekora!~」

[Date] 2014.7.19 (Sat)

[Open] 9:00 [Start] 12:00 [End 19:00

[Venue] Shizuoka prefecture・Tsumakoi

[Featuring] Perfume / WEAVER、Skoop On Somebody, Yu Takahashi, BEGIN,
flumpool, Porno Graffitti and more… (The syllabary order)

【Additional Performer】

MIHIRO ~Miro~、MONOBRIGHT、Rihwa、HaKU、Sakura Fujiwara

Special Site:http://www.amusebbq.jp

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